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About Us

Our family, Jason a man with a beard squints into the sun, Celeste smiles whilewearing sunglasses and her blonde hair in a bun, Siobhan, a little girl, tries to block the sun with her hand. She has long dark hair.
One of our better family photos


We’re the family behind this Slow Travel blog! We are Canadians who love to explore the world together. One day we hope to travel full time!
Our favourite place is the Balkans.

I’m Celeste!

A 30-something wannabe tidy person and the voice behind this blog.
I like to eat, watch too much reality TV, and follow my family around like their own personal paparazzi.

A closeup of a blonde woman rolling her tongue
a man with a beard in a small restaurant smiles while overlooking a flaming sausage

Jason is a Machinist by day and hands-on Dad the rest of the time.

He loves napping in exotic locales, and prefers his chorizo served in flames.

Siobhan is our sassy girl who brings the spice!

She was born in Bulgaria and joined our family when she was 4. We are the lucky parents, trying to make all of her many dreams come true. Siobhan loves to fly!

a little girl with shoulder length dark hair, smiles as she leans against a tree.

We like slow travel because every day is different and we get further off the beaten path.

We always travel frugally and without many plans (or suitcases!) Stay awhile and journey with us.

– xoxo The K’s

A family of three. A man with a beard, a woman with blonde hair and a little girl squeezed between them on a bridge in Venice.