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A view up a narrow cobbled side street in Silves Portugal

Slow travel

What is it?

All you need to know about slow travel

A young girl in a pink coat stands in a fern jungle in front of a giant mossy stone in Sintra Portugal

Slow travel


Destinations and ideas for your next slow trip

The ruins of an ancient Roman amphitheatre in Plovdiv Bulgaria

slow travel

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Thank you so much for being here!

We are passionate about Slow Travel and making travel a priority.

Our goal in life is to collect experiences, not things.

We are not luxury travelers, but we aren’t hostelling backpackers either.

We are just budget travelers, looking to be comfortable and stretch our dollars.

You won’t catch us traveling anywhere too expensive, which means that you can definitely afford to go where we go!

We also try not to go anywhere too popular, but if we do we will tell you how to beat the crowds.

If you stick around you will notice that we bring our tot everywhere.

Our travel plans are always family friendly, but it’s not a sacrifice!

We genuinely enjoy travel with kids.

Grab a coffee and have a look through some of our popular articles!

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Our Slow Travel website was created to help you find more enriching and memorable experiences in your travels. Here you will find travel tips and destination guides to help you slow down and embrace every part of your next adventure!